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Jiwon J.

IKPAVC for me is more than a volunteering community--it is where liked minded individuals with similar backgrounds can develop bonds while contributing to society at the same time. While the label of "Korean-American" unites us, the depth of each persona I met during my time here allowed me to have a more rigid perspective while volunteering. From helping kids craft creative art to nurturing trees, I realized the importance of social responsibility. 

Nahyun S

IKPAVC means to work as a group and to complete a task as effectively and efficiently as possible. I have made many new friends during my volunteering at Shadetree, exposing me to people with common interests. It was full of fun activities and helped boost my social skills, as well as strengthen ties with the community.

Amy B.

IKPAVC has been a great place for me to meet and collaborate with peers which greatly contributed to the improvement of my teamwork and leadership skills. Through the years of volunteering in IKPAVC, I am so grateful to have met so much wonderful new people that I was able to make new memories with. I wasn’t just working for volunteer hours, I was building my skills and having fun with my friends along with it. This was a great experience that will stick with me in the future. 

Minsung B.

Being able to be a volunteer through IKPAVC was truly an unforgettable experience as I got to connect with various people and learn important life skills. I was able to join a community that supported me throughout my high school journey, which I am very grateful for. I improved my leadership skills, especially as the Bowers Museum student leader. One moment that I thoroughly enjoyed was at Bowers Museum while acting as a face painter because I was able to bring smiles to the children that wanted to get their faces painted. Being able to help people in general and contribute to my community has brought me much joy, and I hope others will be able to enjoy it as well.

Cassidy P.

IKPAVC is a nonprofit organization that performs various philanthropic activities to help the community. One of the programs is Shadetree Adopt-A-Row Nursery program where approximately 30 members volunteered every Saturday morning at the nursery to grow, care for, and nurture trees, shrubs, and ground covers for planting.  We learned about environmental protection and promoting more livable communities through planting and stewardship of trees and other nursery stock.  We also coordinated recycling events and food drives to raise funds to donate to the local Families Forward organization. It was a great opportunity to meet Korean-American students from five different high schools in Irvine and become friends by working together to help the community.

Chelsea W

During my time at IKPAVC I realized that volunteering is the embodiment of compassion and empathy. I made a choice to dedicate my time, skills, and energy to support IKPAVC’s purpose and causes. Despite the challenges and responsibilities I am continuously reminded of the beneficial contribution I make towards the community. IKPAVC taught me the importance of teamwork, collaboration and communication. I made a meaningful connection with both my community and fellow high school peers. I hope future IKPAVC members will feel the same compassion and joy I received during my time at IKPAVC.


Jiyun S.

I am a senior student who has been active in IKPAVC for 2 years. I've been active mainly in Shade Tree, where seedling management is my main job, and I've also experienced Pacific Symphony, which works as a step in a concert hall, and K-Buddy, who teaches young students. At first, it was a little hard for me because of the fact that these activities had to be on time or physical labor, but as time went by, I felt more and more proud and happy.

Julie Y.

To me, IKPAVC represents a community that values growth, compassion, and connection. Through our experiences, I saw the power of joint effort and the meaningful change we can make in our community. Volunteering with IKPAVC enriched my personal growth and unforgettable memories in my high school year. 

Chaehyun S.

For me, IKPAVC means staying connected. We all wake up early in the morning on the weekends to shape our community into a better place when others are most likely still in their bed. We all have a common goal in mind, and I think that really fostered personal growth in me to broaden perspectives on various social issues. Because of these reasons, I really enjoyed my 4 years at IKPAVC and I encourage new members to work hard as it will pay off in the future.

Jaewon Y.

For me, the meaning of IKPAVC was more than just a volunteer organization I was a part of. It meant I was part of a community with fellow peers that later became my friends as time passed. The time I spent in the organization gave me unforgettable memories and allowed me to connect with those with similar backgrounds. Choosing to join IKPAVC has been one of my greatest decisions and I'm thankful for the countless memories I've gained from festivals to food bank events.

Irene H.

IKPAVC means community to me. I’ve grown with the family and community of Korean students in Irvine and I’m go glad I got the opporuntiy to meet so many amazing people as well as help the Irvine community thrive. Getting to work with organization like Pacific Symphony, Bowsers Museum, and Shadetree has helped me expand my views in our community and allowed me to amplify my skills and talents in order to help everyone in our city. This family of Korea students and parents have inspired me to continue pushing forward as a better role model in society through volunteer and community projects.

Minju C.

IKPAVC is a nonprofit organization with different volunteer opportunities for students. Through this organization, you are able to earn volunteer hours and engage with different people from different schools. IKPAVC is a great volunteer organization for those who are looking for volunteer opportunities.

Ashley C.

While volunteering in IKPAVC I’ve met new people and gained many hours. The various events helped me to enjoy while work for these hours at the same time. It was a fulfilling experience. Thank you!

Chelsea P.

Throughout my time at IKPAVC, not only did I get a lot of volunteer and leadership experience, I also felt a lot of gratitude towards the community around me that made the experience so much better. The people here are always supportive and want the best for each other, and to have this kind of community in my time in high school comforted me. IKPAVC is an organization that helps you realize the essence of volunteering. 

Elizabeth K.

If you join IKPAVC, you will have various opportunities to experience different volunteer activities. IKPAVC provides opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities such as music, art, donations, tutoring, visiting museums, etc. Over the past year, while serving as the leader of the Pacific Symphony, I have witnessed an increase in my self-esteem and experienced how enjoyable it is to help others and participate in events. Furthermore, as someone who loves music, volunteering for music-related events was a great opportunity for me.

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