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Brian L.

Volunteering in IKPAVC is whole another level compared with other volunteering organizations. No doubt, I can clearly say that we have the best Korean American community in Irvine. Volunteering activities are time flying, and you will find yourself filled with proud the end of the day. If you just became a freshman or sophomore, I strongly suggest joining IKPAVC. You will find your peers here, and we will enrich your student life.

Christy H.

During IKPA, I got to know what kind of an impact I can make through the various volunteer opportunities I participated in. I loved talking with kids during arts and crafts in Segerstrom and Bowers, and found that I too, can be a leader in Shadetree. I also met some of my very best friends during IKPA, and it was so nice to have another Korean-American friend I can just talk to. Most of all, I got to spend a lot of time with my mom, and having her be a part of my high school volunteer experience was very meaningful.

Anabel H.

By being a part of IKPAVC since 9th grade, I have gained fun memories with friends and new experiences with my community. This organization is a place where I was able to connect both with my culture and other cultures around me through volunteering events and meetings. I interacted with diverse people, and this allowed me to see the world through different perspectives and also develop my communication skills. This is an amazing program where students can make new friends while becoming more involved in their communities.

Yunhyeok H.

IKPAVC was truly one of my most remarkable experiences throughout high school. All the activities I did through IKPAVC taught me something essential such as helping others or dedicating myself to the community. Moreover, one of my favorite activities as an IKPAVC member was definitely Irvine Global Festival. I got to interact with people from all over the world and it was so much fun to learn about diverse cultures. I have no doubt that you guys will enjoy IKPAVC so much!

NaEun K.

The three years I’ve spent at IKPAVC for volunteer was memorable and welcoming The community is very understanding and make sure that each student recieve the volunteer hours they deserve to get awards given by the volunteer. I never struggled with being alone, as each and every person there are always understanding and kind. Overall, IKPAVC was where I got to achieve more volunteer hours while being able to spend time with my friends and the warming enviroment.

Sungmin L.

Being a volunteer under IKPAVC throughout all 4 years of my high school career, I have been able to both give back to the community through a range of activities but also meet many whom I may not have met otherwise. My time here has allowed me to sharpen my leadership skills, time management but most importantly, have a good time.

Kayla K.

IKPAVC has given me not only the opportunity to volunteer and be part of the community but also a memorable time with many good friends and chances to learn about different cultures. Also, as a group leader, I was able to improve my leadership skills and become a better leader who knows how to listen to others actively and communicate well with peers. I am thankful to IKPAVC for making many great experiences possible.

Nathan H.

IKPAVC was an organization that allowed me to take multiple steps in getting closer with the general community. This was a place where I would happily volunteer with friends and at the same time gain insight of what goes around in community of Irvine. As a person who also took on multiple roles for this organization, I learned the role and responsibilities of being leader which I am thankful for receiving within my high school career. IKPAVC is an organization that everyone can benefit from no matter what perspective it is viewed. 

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