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Philanthropies - What We Do

Volunteering is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to change the community and grow as a person. Through our extensive volunteer opportunities in the organization, we hope that you will find passion and fulfillment.


Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum is an art museum located in Santa Ana, California.  It hosts special exhibits pertaining to the people of California, the Southern Native Americans, and the indigenous people in South Asia.  In doing so, it presents family events focusing on various cultural themes every Sunday.

Families Forward

Families Forward assist families in financial crisis to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. We do not just provide support; we supply the tools for families to once again become independent, productive residents of the community. 


Pacific Symphony

The Musical Carnival at Pacific Symphony is an educational component of the Family Concert series that takes place in the lobbies of the concert hall before and after each concert.  ​


Shadetree Nursery

Projects at Shadetree Nursery events include upgrading trees into larger containers, weeding, staking, raking, and other miscellaneous tasks.  No experience is necessary as Shadetree will have staff available to train all volunteers in these projects.


Irvine Global Village Festival

Irvine Global Village Festival is a two-day event held on Saturday and Sunday in October at the Orange County Great Park.  At this event, our goal is to spread awareness of Korean culture through various games and activities.


Irvine Korean Cultural Festival

Irvine Korean Cultural Festival is a one-day event held on Saturday in May at the Irvine Civic Center. Its goal is to share and celebrate Korean heritage with the community through games, activities, and, of course, food.



The IKPAVC K-Buddy program is a volunteer program to help K-8th Korean students in IUSD study and thrive.


Second Harvest Food Bank

The Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County is an outreach organization that provides free food to those in need, and IKPAVC helps serve these farms. 

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