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Contact Information

IKPA (학교별 한인학부형회) :


IKPAVC Bowers Museum Liaison (Bowers Museum 봉사) :

IKPAVC K-Buddy Liasion                  (K-Buddy 봉사):

IKPAVC Families Forward Liaison (Families Forward 봉사):

IKPAVC Pacific Symphony Liaison (Pacific Symphony 봉사) :

IKPAVC Shadetree Nursery Liaison (Shadetree Nursery봉사) :

IKPAVC Special Event Liaison        (Special Event 봉사) :

IKPAVC Membership Liaison      (Membership 봉사) :

IKPAVC  Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County Liaison (SH푸드뱅크 OC 봉사) :

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