Iris B.

“Through my 4 years of doing community service as a member of IKPAVC, I was able to experience more than just volunteering for community goods. As a student president and leader of the bowers museum, I learned to communicate with local community service organizations to plan and organize Korean booths in our local culture festivals. It was a great experience for me to be a part of the community and spread cultural awareness.”

Lisa C.

"IKPAVC allowed me to meet and form friendships with students from different high schools that I never would’ve met otherwise. Through volunteering and taking on leadership roles, I grew a lot as a person. It was great to see the differences that we, as members of IKPAVC, were able to make in various communities. There’s a lot to learn and experience. I highly encourage anyone thinking of joining to give it a try!"

Kowoon J.

"I strongly urge high school students to join IKPAVC. I enjoyed working with other volunteers and learned important skills including diligence, communication, and integrity. The warm environment welcomed all members and everyone showed a positive attitude."

Elise K.

"I have been volunteering with IKPAVC since July of 2017, and the various activities have taught me many different skills ranging from curling a ribbon to proper tree maintenance. I found volunteering at Bowers Museum and Pacific Symphony especially rewarding because I was able to witness and encourage the natural curiosity of younger kids."

Greg K.

"I would like recommend IKPAVC because it allows people to have opportunities to volunteer. In addition, by joining IKPAVC, you can meet new people and learn how to be a leader, or a person who can help a community out."

Patrick K.

"I would like to recommend IKPAVC. Joining will allow you to experience many things that many other organizations do not have. Also, you will see how much of an impact you give back to society. Finally by joining this organization, you will improve your communication skills, etc."


Austin L.

"I am a rising senior and this is my first year having the honor of volunteering with IKPAVC. Through this organization, I was able to hone skills that are essential for the future like better communication and enhanced awareness of my surroundings. Having the ability to help out our community is more than enough of an incentive to join. If I was aware of this organization during my freshman year, I wouldn't hesitate to join."

Kiho L.

"IKPAVC is a tightly knit group of determined and hardworking individuals. I highly recommend IKPAVC, as every student tries their best to improve our community. Being a leader, I’ve witnessed everyone’s hard work and dedication, learning discipline and responsibility along the way."

Jaden P.

"IKPAVC is a great organization to earn volunteer hours. You can sign up for a lot of different activities and they are all interesting. Working these activities all end up as contributions to making our community better."


Solmi P.

"Being a member of IKPAVC for 7 years has made me realize the impacts that I could have on my community through volunteering and how many opportunities there are to do so. As the vice president and group leader of the 2019-20 school year, I was able to learn to take responsibility and help others in their volunteering journey as well. IKPAVC has also allowed me to make valuable friendships and memories, as well as experiences for the real world."

Yoon Seong R.

"I was in IKPAVC from 2013 to
 2020. It gave me the opportunity to interact with my Korean peers that I typically don’t see in school. IKPA’s volunteering opportunities bring an inherent sense of community that cannot be attained by volunteering independently."