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Matthew C.

"Throughout my high school career, IKPAVC was a place where I could volunteer, make new friends, and show off my talent. I was able to participate in multiple events that benefitted the community tremendoudly. Not only were these events meaningful but they were fun at the same time. I strongly recommend you join IKPAVC to make your community and ultimately make your high school experience better"

Yuri S. 

"Over the 3 years I've spent with IKPA, I have learned so much about different cultures and how to respect all of them. It was an honor to be able to share my own cultural events with my friends as well. The most valuable skill IKPA has fostered within me is leadership. My public speaking, social, and management skills have truly improved, which will no doubt help me in college!"

A. Park

"As a member of IKPAVC since 6th grade, this organization allowed me to reconnect with my culture and feel like a true part of the community. It truly provides so many opportunities to try new things and interact with a diverse range of people. Through volunteering, I was able to learn valuable life skills such as leadership and communication."

Minjae C. 

"The unprecedented time due to the pandemic limited our volunteering opportunities and changed our lifestyles. As the student president, I took responsibility and worked with the volunteer committee members to find new opportunities during the pandemic. As a result, we volunteered more than we could have done and continued to help our community. I am so proud of all the members of IKPAVC and will always remember the happy and valuable time that I spend with them. Once again, it was an honor to work for IKPAVC as a student president."

Jason K.

"From the club, I have been able to break my back from lifting pots and traumatize people through my thank you letters. 10/10 would do again"

Eric L

"Through IKPA, I learned how to enjoy backbreaking (literally) work, upsize gigantic plants, and see worms squirming their way to salvation in dirty patches of soil. Of course, I also learned to truly immerse myself in community work and respect diverse culture."

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